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Most of us are not violent but we all do have a role to play in the prevention of violence against women and children.

If you witness a violent act – such as a man assaulting a woman - you can:

the nrl taking action


The League’s rules require players to maintain high standards of personal conduct and to be respectful at all times to women and children. Players guilty of violence against women and/or children will face sanctions by the NRL.

There are a number of rules, policies and codes that apply across Rugby League to assist in delivering a safe and positive environment to everyone involved in the game. To find out more about the National Code of Conduct that applies to all participants – players, parents, coaches, referees, spectators and officials – please select the following link: National Code of Conduct.


Our focus is on primary prevention. From the grassroots through to the Elite level, our rugby league players, match officials and staff members participate in mandatory and voluntary programs designed to assist them to have respectful relationships, make better choices and prevent violence against women and children.

We have programs to:

Raise awareness in the community (approximately 120,000 participants)
Educate our future stars
(approximately 4000 participants)
Provide ongoing development for those in the NRL
(approximately 800 participants including both players and staff members)


The Game provides access to expert advice and support to individuals who may be experiencing or at risk of experiencing or perpetrating violence, including:

  • Expert and independent Counselling services are available to NRL Players, match officials, staff members and their families.
  • The NRL actively promotes the 1800 RESPECT, the national sexual assault, domestic violence counselling service, to provide support for victims.
  • When incidents of violence occur the NRL engages Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia to provide Secondary Prevention Counselling Program.

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