Stand Up

To acknowledge that gender based violence is an
issue in Australia and in your local community.

Speak Out

To raise awareness and highlight the realities of the
current domestic violence situation in Australia.

Take Action

Most of us are not violent but we all have a role to play in
the prevention of violence against women and children.



There are things in life that are simply wrong, things where there can be no qualification and no excuse – violence against women and their children is one of those things.

Violence against women and their children is a complex and deeply entrenched problem in Australia.

The NRL is committed to utilising its powerful voice and reach to stand by our expert partners - Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia, Our Watch and White Ribbon Australia - to take action to prevent violence against women and children.

It is the Game’s stance that violence against women and children is never acceptable.


  • North Queensland Blitz

    NRL Voice Against Violence rolled out for the first time in tropical North Queensland, over Wednesday 13 - Thursday 14 September.

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  • Western Sydney - Canley Vale Kookas JRLC

    Delivery of NRL Voice Against Violence continued with Canely Vale Kookas Junior Rugby League Football Club (JRLFC) in Sydney's West, participating in the program presented by NRL Ambassador Alan Tongue on Monday night.

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  • NRL Voice Against Violence unites in Power for Change

    Former Canberra Raiders legend and 2016 ACT Australian of the Year, Alan Tongue will headline the first in a series of stories highlighting the NRL’s Community programs and the support that Rugby League at all levels provides to communities throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

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  • Tongue leads crusade against domestic violence

    The face of the NRL's stance against domestic violence, Raiders legend Alan Tongue, stood in front of eight senior representative players during the week and delivered a sobering message.

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  • Women's game crucial in 'Voice against Violence'

    The Jillaroos and Kiwi Ferns will play a crucial role in the NRL's fight against domestic violence following Sunday's announcement of additional resources granted for the 'Voice against Violence' campaign

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  • NRL steps up its Voice Against Violence

    The NRL today unveiled a series of additional resources in a continued and united resolve to stand up, speak out and take action against domestic violence.

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  • Just don't do nothing...

    If you see or suspect domestic violence or sexual assault, the do something about it. Stand up. Speak out. Take action.

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